Massage course in English

We have scheduled a group course from January 20th.
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In this course you will:

  • Learn fifty massage techniques
  • Give a full body massage
  • Recieve a comprehensive manual in English (pdf)
  • Acquire useful tips & tricks
  • Recieve a certificate of participation
  • Massage and being massaged
  • Treat muscle nodes


Massage course for Beginners

The Massage Course for Beginners teaches you how to give a relaxing full body massage. You will learn various classical hands-on massage techniques which help relax the recipient both physically as well as mentally.

The lessons also include a theoretical component in order to substantiate the massage and the techniques used. An important part of the course is the extra attention paid to specific key points and some handy massage tips and tricks.

The course material will be explained in sections, giving you ample time in-between to practice with the assistance of a trainer. This is the most effective way to learn how to massage.

By the end of the course, equipped with these techniques, knowledge, and practice, you will be able to give a varied, full body relaxation massage.

A massage course for two participants

The Massage for Beginners Course in English is currently taught in a special format for two persons only. The details are outlined below.

The course is given at the massage practice of one of our trainers. Each trainer has their own practice at their home.

Learning to massage implies not only giving a massage, but also receiving a massage. For this reason, the course is taught to two persons at the same time. When you are unable to arrange for someone to do the course with, then we can help you with finding an interested participant. In the case of such an arrangement, we will ask your permission to share your phone number and/or email address with the other participant. You are then responsible for contacting one another to agree on the date and time of the first lesson.

Then one of you can call the trainer to arrange the first lesson. At the end of your first lesson you schedule the remaining lessons in agreement with your fellow participant and the trainer. So, please take your agenda with you.

  • prerequisite education or knowledge: none
  • minimum age requirement: 18 years old
  • education level of the course for beginners: college level (MBO level)
  • total contact hours: ±12 hours (usually 4 lessons of 3 hours)
  • self-study (you will learn more by practicing often): minimum of 1 1/2 hour after each lesson

Massage course








Practical information:

  • The price of this course is 297 euros per participant, this includes the manual and the certificate of participation.
  • Registration can be done after you have agreed on the date and time of the first lesson with the other participant and the trainer. We will send you a link to our webshop.
  • Payment can be done with your registration using iDEAL or Bancontact.
  • Course location is in The Hague.
  • What to bring yourself?
    • A single-sized fitted sheet for the massage table.
    • A cotton blanket/towel/sheet which covers your entire body.
    • Wear casual easy fitting clothes.
    • Leave jewelry at home and have clean hands with short-trimmed nails.
    • No outdoor shoes allowed in the practice room. You can bring slippers or shoes which are only worn indoors.

Registration Massage Course for Beginners in English

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