Practical information for the massage courses

Practical information for the massage courses

A couple of days before the course starts the trainer will send an e-mail including some practical information regarding your massage course in The Hague. Please add the phone number of your trainer in the contact list of your phone, so you can always contact the trainer when necessary. The office will most often not be available when the courses take place.

  • When you click on the name you can download the contact details as Vcard.
  • When you click on the number you can add this to the contacts on your mobile.

Samir Rawas Sarayji +31625115558
Anneke Slijfer +31620952006

Time details for the massage course in The Hague

We are very punctual on the starting times of the massage classes in The Hague. The finishing times of the class can vary a little with a maximum of 30 minutes. It might seem quite obvious, but as we will start on time it is important you are present on time. Please make sure you are present at the course location at least 10 minutes prior to the starting time of the class. Please contact your trainer before the starting time of the class in the unexpected occurrence you are running late. When the class has started the trainer will not be able to pick up the phone and the class will start. The assistent might have the opportunity to open the door for you, though in the occurrence he or she is needed in class you will have to wait for a break to be able to enter.

Massage course, workshop or class:Door open:Start class:Finish class:
Weekend Course09.3010.0017.00
Evening Course19.0019.3022.30

For precise time details regarding your course or workshop check the e-mail send to you a couple of days in advance.

Course location in The Hague

Massage course in The Hague

Almost all massage courses in The Hague are group courses and will be given at Wajid Osho meditation Centre, Prins Hendriklaan 1 in The Hague. More information on the Wajid Centre, local places to stay overnight, nearby parking and local public transport you can find here (in dutch).

The course room has a very nice atmosphere and is located on the third floor, unfortunately no elevator is available. Some courses will take place in the room located on the bottom floor. When you arrive at the location you can go to the class room straight away. You can leave your coat and shoes at the cloak area across from the entrance door. Take all your other belongings with you to the class room.

Massage course for two:

The massage course for two and the massage workshop for two will be given at the massage practice of the trainer. You will be informed on the details by e-mail.

What to bring yourself for the massage course in The Hague?

  • A single-sized fitted sheet for the massage table.
  • One large towel or beach towel which covers your entire body. An alternative for this is a single-sized duvet cover.
  • Packed lunch (for the full day courses)
  • Wear or bring easy fitting casual clothes which are suitable if oil is spilled, such as cotton sweat pants and a T-shirt.
  • Socks required for each course. This is important when feet are being massaged. Especially during summer you might forget this.
  • You might want to wear slippers. This is pleasant for when you give a massage. Also, the floor in the room located at the bottom floor feels cold to the feet when bear footed or wearing only socks.
  • When you have medium to long hair bring a hair clip, bandana or rubber band so you can put your hair up.
  • If you wear contacts it might be comfortable to take these out during class, therefor you might wish to bring necessary supplies to store them appropriately.
  • After class you have the opportunity to buy various massage products such as massage oils, ankle and/or knee support cushions and headrest covers. You can pay with your banks mobile phone application if you are interested. Pin transactions are not possible.
  • Massage is best done with short trimmed nails. The shorter the better.
  • It is awkward wearing jewelry when giving a massage or receiving a massage, so jewelry is best left at home.

Available at the massage course in The Hague:

  • Massage table including a head rest with cover and ankle support cushions.
  • Massage oils, both almond-jojoba oil as well as grape seed oil.
  • Drinks such as tea, water and coffee. Coffee only available in the morning.
  • Trainer(s) and assistant(s)
  • All necessary course material

If you still have questions after reading all the information above please contact the trainer of your course.

The certificate of participation will be given when the course has finished and only if you have attended all classes. When you have missed part of the course you will find information here how you can catch up on these classes. (In Dutch).